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Photonics – science and technology based on light

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International AWARDS:

TECNOS AWARD: 2002, 2011

Ricardo Villagomez Tamez, Ph. D.

Sitios de interés:



Lasers for Industry and Manufacturing Applications (LIMA) Group

Láseres Industriales para Manufactura y Aplicaciones


Ricardo Villagómez Tamez, Ph. D., Investigador Titular C.

Fields of interest:

Photonics & lasers systems, Nanoscale optical properties of metamaterials, Optical Resonators, Optical waveguides, Optoelectronics and Mathematical photonics.

Our main research activities, but not limited to, are related to industrial laser technology for sealed-off RF excited waveguide CO2 lasers and its applications for cutting, welding, automated systems, etc.

As a requirement, all industrial lasers use optical resonators, which in turn have to be designed and built to fulfill the optical output requirement for the laser being built.

One, and no less important is the laser exciter. In waveguide lasers we use Radio-Frequency to activate the optical plasma in the laser amplifying media. Advanced RF circuits design is required here, therefore we have gather experience to design and build such RF power generators.





Study of generated plasma in a CO2 amplifying laser media.


Laser welding of plastics: Experimental and computer modelling




Optical design and fabrication of hybrid resonators for waveguide CO2 lasers



Design and fabrication of RF power generators for slab and waveguide CO2 lasers.



Microfluidics: Theoretical and experimental studies on micro and nano processing of materials using a ns-pulsed Nd:YAG laser.

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Parque de Investigación e Innovación Tecnológica (PIIT), Monterrey, N. L. Mexico.
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